Annual Meetings

The nine countries of the Ouagadougou Partnership and their partners meet each year to discuss their common interests and share the results and constraints encountered.



In 2022, the 11th Annual Meeting of the OP took place on-site from December 12 to 15 in Niamey on the theme “Socio-economic Development and Family Planning. This edition provided an opportunity to discuss the progress made in each of the OP countries and more globally across the region and to assess the obstacles encountered by participants during the year and draw recommendations for better provision of RH/FP services in the OP region.


The 10th Annual Meeting was held from December 13 to 16, 2021 in Ouagadougou, virtually on the theme “Family planning in the context of humanitarian crisis: preparedness, response and resilience”. It celebrates the successes recorded over the past few years and was an opportunity for the OP stakeholders to discuss the challenges encountered and lessons learnt.


The OP 9th Annual Meeting was held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions, from December 15 to 17, 2020, on the theme “All together towards a new goal!”. It marks the end of the acceleration phase, of which the objective was to reach 2.2 million additional users of modern contraceptive methods from 2016 to 2020.


The 8th annual meeting was held from December 3 to 5, 2019 in Cotonou, Benin under the theme: “Youth; social and behavior change: We want more! “. By broadening the reflections on the new challenges of FP in the region, this meeting made it possible to deepen the reflection and the advocacy on the need to redouble efforts to increase the demand for FP.


The 7th Annual Meeting in Dakar, Senegal, in December 2018 was themed “Pathways to Success in 2020”. It’s allowed participants to assess the progress made after the first three years of the acceleration phase, the OP countries were almost on track for their 2020 goal, although progress varies by country.


The 6th Annual Meeting was held in December 2017 in Conakry, with the theme “Women’s Empowerment and the Contraceptive Revolution”. It gave participants the opportunity to assess the progress made after the first two years of the acceleration phase. Stakeholders agreed on the fact that continuous efforts and progress were necessary for the OP to respect the established schedule.


In order to take stock of the beginning of the acceleration phase implementation in accordance with the commitments made in December 2015 in Dakar and to establish the bases of the next actions for better accessibility to Family Planning services, the 5th Annual Meeting in Abidjan was on the theme: “Promoting contraception is guaranteeing a better future for young people”


For the 4th Annual Meeting, the 9 member countries met with their partners from December 9 to 11, 2015, in Cotonou. This meeting was of particular importance in view of the new challenges awaiting the stakeholders. Indeed, 2015 marked the end of the action plans of certain countries, but also the end of the phase “Urgence d’agir” of the OP.


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