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The interest and importance of family planning led the Government of Benin to have the National Assembly vote on March 3, 2003, Law No. 2003-03 relating to sexual health and reproduction. Benin has been making steady progress since its commitment to increase the prevalence rate of modern contraceptives. For 2026, the country’ objective is to improve access and supply for all women by increasing contraceptive prevalence rate from 11.7% to 18%.

Core indicators


Additional users in 10 years


mCPR Married Women


Unmet needs


Demand satisfied


By 2030, Benin is a country where the population, particularly vulnerable people (women, girls, people living with disabilities) have equitable access to quality Family Planning services, thus contributing to its harmonious development.


Le PO a atteint et dépassé, en 2020, ces objectifs en enregistrant plus de 3,8 millions d’utilisatrices additionnelles au lieu de 3,3 millions. Son objectif actuel est d’atteindre 13 millions d’utilisatrices de méthodes modernes d’ici 2030, doublant ainsi le chiffre actuel qui est de 6,5 millions.

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OPCU staff

Daoudou Idrissou

Country Liaison Associate

Address  : Lome - Togo

Focal points

Dr Lawale Thierry

Mother and Child Health Director/Health Ministry

Address : Cotonou, Benin

Comlan Christian Agbozo

OSC/PF Chairman

Address : Cotonou, Benin

Amour Dieu-Donné Vodouhessi

Youth Focal Point/FP2030

Address : Cotonou, Benin

Richmond Tiemoko

Resident Representative/UNFPA

Address : Cotonou, Benin

Marius Gnitoungbe

Focal Point within the Benin/USAID Focal Points

Address : Cotonou, Benin

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