Donors Caravan

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To meet the ambition to expand exchange opportunities between the OP stakeholders, the OPCU initiated the Donors’ Caravan. It provides an exceptional opportunity to support countries in their efforts to implement CIPs, to celebrate successes, to analyze factors that hinder the acceleration of interventions, and to agree on solutions. It is also a time for advocacy with the various stakeholders of the OP and an opportunity for direct exchanges between donors and local actors implementing the programs.

These working visits by donors are opportunities to support the technical teams in their efforts to implement the plans and to advocate with the authorities for the respect of the commitments made. The Ouagadougou Partnership Coordination Unit organized 5 donors caravans : 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

The different donors' caravans

In 2017, the Partnership’s donors contacted national actors in Reproductive Health and Family Planning (RH/FP) to discuss progress, successes, but also the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered by the three countries. More specifically, it was for them to discuss the actions, adjustments and progress made by each country with regard to the recommendations and the results of year 1 of the 2016-2020 acceleration phase. Donors have also called for greater attention and support for family planning in government multisectoral strategies and policies. Finally, the visit helped strengthen relationships and collaboration between national actors, including focal points and donors, to improve alignment of funding with country priorities.


For the year 2018, it was a question for the donors to discuss the activities in progress and the progress made by each country with regard to the recommendations resulting from the ministerial meeting of 2015 relating to the acceleration phase, those of the Summit of London in July 2017 and the OP Annual Meeting in December 2017. The delegation met several ministers, a wide range of reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) actors in the countries, and will visit projects in the field, to assess the adequacy between policies and activities. implementation and evaluate coordination. She has also advocated for greater consideration of FP in multisectoral government strategies and policies; for the mobilization of internal resources for FP and for greater alignment of the resources available with the priorities defined in the CIPs. Finally, these visits will help to strengthen collaboration between actors to reflect the spirit and principles of the OP at country level.


The caravan in 2018 conducted consultation meetings on the progress, challenges and prospects in the implementation of the various components of the CIP. To follow up on one of the recommendations made during previous editions and thus promote exchanges between actors and countries, this group is extended to Young Ambassadors for FP and a representative of Burkina Faso Health Ministry who will be able to share the experience. from his country.


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