The OPCU has developed innovative strategies to achieve its objective with a focus on youth, research, social norms, family planning in humanitarian contexts with an increased contribution from civil society.

OP innovative strategies

OP Beyond 2020

The Ouagadougou Partnership launched a new phase in November 2019 entitled “OP Beyond 2020”. This process gave led to a new vision, that of a Francophone West Africa where easy access to quality family planning saves and improves the lives of women and young people. This new vision is set to serve as a catalyst for a new goal: reach 13 million users of modern methods by 2030, doubling the current 6.5 million.

Civil society engagement

The Ouagadougou Partnership has worked with civil society since its creation to hold governments accountable to their commitments, advise partners on strategies and community needs, and implement projects. To sharpen support and collaboration with CSOs and regional initiatives, the OP has launched a new civil society engagement strategy which aims to lead sustainable movements to achieve the new goal.


In 2019, the OP developed a youth strategy to intensify the leadership and skills of young people and increase their participation in the design of programs. This strategy gives a powerful voice to the youth and allows them to define their agenda and priorities within the Ouagadougou Partnership.


In its strategy “Beyond 2020,” the OP has decided to make research its operational mechanism and the compass for implementing programs to achieve the 2030 objectives. The establishment of a research network, accompanied by themes defined by countries according to their priorities, constituted the first step of the OP Research Agenda.


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