Civil society engagement strategy

The Ouagadougou Partnership has worked with civil society since its creation to hold governments accountable to their commitments, advise partners on strategies and community needs and finally, implement projects. To sharpen support and collaboration with CSOs and regional initiatives, the OP has launched a new civil society engagement strategy which aims to lead sustainable movements to reach 6.5 million users. additional modern family planning methods in the 9 OP countries between 2021-2030.

Why a civil society engagement strategy?

  • CSOs play a crucial role in achieving the objectives of the OP and make an important contribution to the success of RH/FP programs;
  • They represent the voice of the populations and the defense of their interests;
  • Civil society has been involved for almost 10 years within the OP and has had to evolve over the years;

Vision of the Civil Society Engagement Strategy
A civil society, committed, resilient, unifying and determined to contribute significantly to making FP a lever for sustainable development for all.

Strategic axes

  1. Increase the contribution of civil society to the achievement of OP’s 2021-2030 strategy objectives
  2. Broaden the contribution of civil society in the construction of the narrative around FP
  3. Support civil society in resilience to humanitarian crises

Civil society engagement strategy

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