Using the Demographic Dividend as Anchor to Fight COVID-19 in Africa

The Year 2020 will be remembered as the year that heralded great global changes in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. This debilitating contagion has forced the entire world to rethink the future. Among them are stimulating the global economies and instituting newer social, professional and institutional protocols. The first six months of the year 2020 […]

West Africa’s Contraceptive Revolution: 5 Lessons for the International Community

The Ouagadougou Partnership has been a unique experience. I have spent the last six years serving as Director of the Coordination Unit of the Ouagadougou Partnership — a collaboration between nine francophone countries in West Africa and numerous international donors and local implementing partners. The Partnership was launched in 2011 as a vehicle to better coordinate common […]

This African billionaire wants us to talk openly about family planning to beat poverty

Africa’s population is rapidly growing: from an estimated 140 million in 1900 to one billion in 2010, it is expected to hit four billion by 2100—or a third of all people on earth. And the impact of these fast-rising numbers is already showing, says the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in a new study. The Ibrahim Index, which ranks African […]