Field visits and meeting with technical partners and civil society in Burkina Faso.

The OP Donors’ caravan went on field trips on the morning of May 26. As in Niamey, caravan members were divided into three groups to experience the diversity services. The first group went to the Ministry of Finance to meet with Secretary of State Pauline Zouré and her collaborators. On behalf of the Minister, Mrs Zouré reaffirmed the commitment of the government of Burkina Faso to maintain family planning funding at the current level and perhaps even increase it. It should be noted that the budget line item set aside to purchase contraceptive products is 500 million CFA francs. Perri Sutton of the Gates Foundation, acting as donors’ spokesperson, encouraged the government for its efforts and made a commitment on behalf of her peers to continue supporting actions for repositioning FP in Burkina Faso.

The caravan then visited the CSPS of Sandogo, Sector 16 and Dassasgho. OP donors’ were able to witness on the different sites, what is being done in terms of service offers and demand creation. They discussed with providers, health workers and service recipients. These exchanges have often been frank, honest and informative.

Meeting with Civil Society

Finally, the second and third groups went to visit the President of the National Assembly accompanied by Mrs. Anne Thieba, Wife of the Prime Minister and FP Ambassador. HE Mr. Salifou Diallo, President of the National Assembly, mentioned that the issue of the demographic dividend is at the heart of Burkina Faso’s development policy. For him, even if children are certainly a gift from God they should not become a burden. Mrs Thieba then recalled FP is so important and advocated for free access to FP services in Burkina Faso. Caravan members also had a working session with a group of MPs committed to FP. These MPs promised to do their best to create an enabling legislative environment in the country.

The afternoon was reserved for meetings with technical and financial partners (TFPs) and civil society. Ms. Bijou Muhura, Director of the USAID Health Office in Burkina Faso and Ms. Edwige Adekambi Domingo, UNFPA Resident Representative, gave a brief overview of Burkina Faso’s Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) development process. The TFPs then made their presentations and the session ended with a Q&A session.

The day ended with a meeting with civil society organizations (CSOs) attended by Mrs. Thiéba, PF Ambassador. The coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) for FP repositioning in Burkina Faso made a presentation that highlighted its actions and its added value in the process. The meeting also ended with a Q&A session.

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