RHO’s new flagship FP/RH activity, « Amplify Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health (Amplify-FP) » was awarded this week!

The overarching goal of Amplify-FP is to mobilize partners to expand access to and utilization of quality family planning services in the region. By working with national and sub-national governments, other major donors, implementers, and associations of private providers, the proposed national scale targeted by Amplify-FP should be ambitious yet achievable. Its main focus is not, unlike its predecessor, on delivering family planning services to individual clients. Rather, its purpose is to strengthen and expand the delivery of key family planning interventions within the countries, by engaging with the government and other FP implementing partners.

Amplify-FP’s role is envisioned as a catalyzer, organizer and unifier of health resources and networks to accelerate family planning (FP) service delivery and contraceptive uptake, both within the target countries across the region, through a vertically integrated structure that translates local achievement to national gains to regional impact in support of USAID and contributing towards shared global goals.

Amplify-FP will build national and regional action around the idea of the health district as a basic unit for the implementation of high impact practices (HIPs) throughout the region. Considering the health district as a collection of public, private and community health resources, Amplify-FP organizes assets into an interdependent network called integrated learning centers (ILCs).

At the end of five years, Amplify-FP will leave in place strong local (public and private sector) partners who provide quality, sustainable, high impact family planning services and a network of Integrated Learning Centers (ILCs) that are capable of replicating/modeling and supporting these services in other facilities.

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