We are hiring a Senior Technical Manager

We are hiring! We are currently looking for a Senior Technical Manager as a key member of the senior leadership team of the Coordination Unit, charged with all technical components of the OPCU scope of work. She/he will be based at the Coordination Unit in Dakar and liaise with country focal point teams and OP partners to ensure quality technical service is provided to countries as needed.

The Senior Technical Manager will manage the OP technical work to ensure that countries and donors within the Partnership live up their commitments and the Partnership reaches it goals in terms of additional users of modern contraception. This work includes developing and tracking a region-wide strategy to achieve additional user goals; identifying countries’ needs for technical assistance and providing direct (e.g., leading technical analyses) and indirect assistance (e.g., identifying funding mechanisms through which external parties may be hired) to countries and donors as they seek to fill those needs; tracking results and managing relationships around data; supporting exchanges between countries to implement high impact practices; and identifying how other OPCU staff (e.g., the Country Liaison Associates and the Senior External Relations Manager) may support the overall strategy in their deep engagements with specific stakeholders.

The Senior Technical Manager will be instrumental in the design, development, and management of OPCU action plans and will provide the technical and strategic leadership to stakeholders at every level of the implementation of CIPs in the countries. At the same time, the Senior Technical Manager will maintain a high-level focus across all nine countries rather than diving in too deeply in any one country. Instead, the Senior Technical Manager will advise the Director of OP how to assign country-specific tasks to the Country Liaison Associates in cases where he/she feel additional country-specific attention is required. Indeed, the OP Director will supervise the Country Liaison Associates, but the Senior Technical Manager will help shape and review their work.

Further information can be accessed at

The deadline is extended to February 7 2019.

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